Vox Nova Guitar amp VINTAGE 1968 Black


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Up for Sale is a
1968 Vox Nova Combo Amp!

1x8 "Gold" Oxford Speaker! Made In USA!
This is really cool. You are looking at a 1968 Vox Nova Combo "Ampliphonic" Amplifier. This amp was originally designed for Brass, Woodwind and String Instruments. It is a AWESOME guitar amp. Although it is solid state, the tone is much like a tube amp. Very Rare amp. Perfect Recording amp. 10 Watts. In addition to a two position "Dark/Bright" switch, the only other controls were a "Volume" and "Voice" control. The circuitry for Voice control was derived from the Vox "Tone X" control found on many Vox guitar amps, a sweepable frequency parametric tone control.
The Nova has that incredible distortion that makes these amps so sought after for recording and the warm beautiful fuzzy tail to the notes these are renown for. Sounds incredibly tube like, listen to any distorted guitar sound on any Beatles record from revolver and after to get an idea of what this amp is capable of. extremely wide range of tones and very versatile. very loud for its size! this amp is not some skeleton example with missing rare grille cloth and other important parts like some that have been available recently. these are quickly being snatched up by vox and vintage amp collectors due to their incredible rarity and amazing sound. Vox only produced these for a few months and it is a secret weapon of many top rank producers all over the world for incredible rich clean and overdriven guitar tones heard on so many records of the last 30 years. this is your opportunity to own a gem of an example of one of Vox's rarest amps from their golden years. these are already skyrocketing in value and are an investment piece if not an incredibly valuable tool for studio or live work.
Original 8" Gold Oxford Alnico Speaker!
Tone Monster!
Weight: 20.75 lbs.

Rare and Collectable!
Affordable USA Vintage Amp!
Our Amp Tech did a Major Service on this Amp. You will not have to spend any additional monies. Gig Ready on Arrival!
Cosmetics: Good Condition. There is some wear on this amp. Keep in mind that this is a 48+ year old vintage amp that has been used. Tolex has a few scratches scuffs and minor tears but still really good shape. Grill cloth is stained, faded and a few tears. Instrument control panel has some pitting and light rust. Lettering is clear and legible. Dripping with "Mojo" The wear is what makes it authentic and cool. This is the "Real Deal" Overall, good shape. Normal wear and tear. It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Product Specs

Condition: Very Good
Make: Vox
Model: Nova
Finish: Black
Categories: Guitar Combos
Year: 1968
Made In: United States