Vintage 1955 Magnatone Maestro Model 150 "Eddie Cochran Amp" COOL!


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Up for Sale is a
Vintage 1955 Magnatone Maestro Model 150!
 "Eddie Cochran Amp"! Made In USA!
This is really Cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1955 Magnatone Maestro Model 150. This amp really sums up the 1950's. Commonly referred to as the "Eddie Cochran" Amp because he was shown playing one in the film "The Girl Can't Help It" performing the song "Twenty Flight Rock" starring Jayne Mansfield. (See picture #6).
In the early to mid fifties, the Maestro name was given to both a line of premium steel guitars as well as a premium amplifier. The name first appeared in the early fifties, and was used until about 1957 or so. Sometime in 1954, the model number 150 was given to the amplifier along with a cabinet design upgrade.

The 150 had two channels each with a "volume" control. Both channels shared a "treble", and "bass" control pair. To the right of the controls is a Hi/Lo switch.

The big engineering news for the 150 is the use of an ultra-linear output transformer. Eventually, other models were added (160/180/190), all with ultra-linear output transformers. At the time, this design was becoming popular in HI-FI circles and touted more clean headroom in amplifiers. Magna might have been the first to apply it to guitar amplifiers.

"Designed for great versatility and to meet severe operating conditions
where performance and reliability are vital. There is but one model in
this class and it stands supreme. The Maestro is the logical and natural
choice of the world's most discriminating artists who want the finest
instrument available.". . . . catalog hype 1954


1955 Magnatone Maestro 150. This amp is killer! 25 watts from a pair of 5881's. Just serviced by our amp tech. A few Caps were replaced. All Pots and Jacks were Cleaned. Installed a new grounded AC Power Chord. This one has a great gritty, compressed overdrive. The cleans are clear and open at lower volumes and its ultra-linear circuit has a hi-fi touch. The original 15" Jensen P15N Alnico speaker gives this amp some nice low end and has a great midrange character. A very "tweedy" amp that just sings!
Checkout Picture #7. 1950's Singing Cowboy playing through a Magnatone Model 150.
Cosmetics: Good Condition Condition. Keep in mind that this is a 63+ year old Vintage Amp. There are some War Wounds on this Amp. There are scratches, scuffs and some tears in the tolex. Speaker Cloth has some tears, stains and is slightly faded. Instrument control bezel has some scratches. Lettering is still legible. Still it is just so cool. They don't come any more authentic than this. The wear is what gives this amp it's charm. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story. 

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Product Specs

Condition: Very Good (Used)
Brand: Magnatone
Model: Maestro Model 150
Finish: Tan
Categories: Guitar Combos
Year: 1955
Made In: United States