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Up for Sale is a
Vintage 1980's Tom Scholtz Rockman Distortion Generator!
Fully Serviced! Made In USA!


This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1980's Tom Scholtz Rockman Distortion Generator. Awesome Vintage Tones created by Tom Scholtz.

From The Web:  

Though the Distortion can be considered as a extract of the Rockman Sustainor, it has its own personality, and was not designed exactly for the same usage.

It is often said that the DG has a richer sound than the Sustainor, and as a matter of fact, it is more versatile in the complete range of distortion sounds.

The basis of the Distortion Generator is the structure of all the classic Rockman Amp sims:

  1. Compressor
  2. Distortion stage
  3. Cab sim

The DG can be controled with the following sliders, all placed before the distortion:

  • The compressor's gain
  • A three positions gain switch called "distortion harmonics"
  • A bass slider (boost or cut)
  • A mid slider (boost only)
  • A treble slider (cut only)

The combinations are endless, and allow tweaking the sound from a very subtle bluesy overdrive to the most crazy distortion lead sounds.

The DG has the two circuits created for the Sustainor: the Autoclean and the Phase Notcher, then a classic treble slider (to adjust the DG to the type of amp - PA or guitar amp) and an output volume. There is also a footswitch that will boost the sound by a few dB's, during a solo for example.

The Distortion Generator was introduced in 1987, and was produced at least until the end of 1991.

Our Technician went through and serviced this unit. Everything functions and works correctly.

Product Specs

Condition: Very Good (Used)
Brand: Rockman
Model: Distortion Generator
Finish: Black
Categories: Distortion
Year: 1980's
Made In: United States

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