TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Floor-Based Vocal Processor!


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Vocal effects Pedal! Excellent Condition!
This is really cool. You are looking at a TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Floor-Based Vocal Processor Vocal effects Pedal. This Pedal will give you the flexibility of having real back up harmonies when performing. It does almost anything! You can alter your voice with all the different presets.

From The Web:

The VoiceLive 2 floor-based vocal processor from TC Helicon makes it easier to lead your own vocal backup group while sounding rich and authentically human at the same time. It starts with a guitar, MIDI keyboard, or aux-input controlled vocal harmony algorithm with four intervals, each of which can be unison-doubled, or 8 discrete voices controlled by your MIDI keyboard playing. And when you want to tap into your gospel soul, VoiceLive 2 effects pedal gives singers a Choir algorithm that creates the massive multi-voice group vocal sound to bring home those classic choruses.