Supro 1695T Black Magick Tube Combo NAMM Show Display Model!

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2019 Supro 1695T Black Magick!
"Jimmy Page" Amp!
 25-Watt 1x12" Tube Combo! Made In USA!

2019 NAMM Show Display Model!

Top 40 Guitars a factory authorized Supro dealer, purchased the display models from the 2019 NAMM Music Trade Show held in Anaheim, CA. USA. These were models hanging on the wall of their display for the 4-day show from January 24-27, 2019. Some of these amps may have been played and handled during the event. Some were never even touched. I am selling these as used amps. They have never been sold, just been on display at the show. They still have the Factory Warranty from Supro. We were able to make a below market purchase on these guitars and we are passing the savings on to you! Not a Second or Refurbished Amp. A brand New amp that was just on display for 4-days and than sent to Top 40 Guitars!

This is really cool. You are looking at a 2019 Supro Black Magick Model 1695T 1x12 All Tube Combo Amp. Awesome Sound and Tone. If you are into Classic Rock or Blues, this is the right Sound and Tone.
From The Web:

Supro presents: Black Magick, a recreation of one of Rock & Roll music’s holy-grail amplifiers. This all-tube, high-gain blues machine hearkens back to the dimensions, cosmetics and circuitry of the Supro amps from 1959, just like the one loaned by Jimmy Page to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. In tribute to this legendary and extensively modified Supro combo, we’ve used the cabinet dimensions from a ‘59 Supro 2 x 10 and replaced the baffle with a 1 x 12 and armed this 25-watt combo, with a custom, British voiced speaker that was specially developed for the Black Magick amp.

With more gain on tap than any other Supro reissue, Black Magick absolutely rips for heavy blues and classic rock guitar styles. This amp’s traditional, cathode-biased “Class-A” power section uses 6973 tubes to achieve the instantly recognizable midrange grind and phenomenal touch dynamics that define the Supro sound. A complete range of tones from warm cleans to heavy  distortion can be accessed by simply adjusting the volume knob on your instrument. The signature Supro power tube tremolo adds foot switchable depth and dimension to this historic Rock and Roll machine.

The preamp found in the Black Magick features two channels wired in parallel, with independent volume controls and a single, shared tone control. The vintage-correct front-end topology of the original 1959 Supro combos has been streamlined in the Black Magick, with automatic linking of channels 1&2 when using only the first input jack. This flexible arrangement provides double the gain when used with one instrument and also allows for two instruments to share the same Black Magick or for the use of an A/B/Y box to achieve channel-switching on the fly.

This Is the Zeppelin Sound


Supro's 1695T Black Magick electric guitar combo amplifier is engineered to replicate the highly customized Supro that Jimmy Page used to record much of the early Zeppelin guitar tracks. The Black Magick is the highest-gain amp in Supro's line, which makes it fantastic for attaining huge rock sounds. And the two channels can be run independently or in parallel for even more crunch and tone-shaping options. The Supro 1695T Black Magick combo amplifier will instantly take you back to the tones of "Good Times Bad Times" and "Communication Breakdown."

The Jimmy Page legacy

For rock fans, the guitar tones on Led Zeppelin 1 are some of the most revered in history. While they sound like a huge stack of screaming amps, in reality, much of those tones were conjured from Jimmy's highly customized 1 x 12" Supro combo. The Black Magick is a re-creation of that amp, down to the replaced speaker baffle from when Page converted the amp from a 2 x 10" design. Crank this amp up and bask in those iconic sounds while you enjoy touch-sensitive levels of grit.

Two powerful channels

Like the original, the Black Magick boasts two separate channels with their own inputs. On this new model, however, the channels can easily be run separately or in parallel. The parallel option cascades the channels together for increased gain, tone shaping, and sensitivity. You can also use an additional A/B pedal to switch between the two channels for different tones. And it's also possible to run two separate instruments through the Black Magick simultaneously.

Even more tonal options

The Black Magick sounds so good that just cranking it up and digging in is well worth the price of admission. But the 1695T also boasts a stellar tube-driven tremolo. The trem's depth and dimension can be switched via footswitch (not included). An uncommon pair of 6973 power tubes is what delivers the immediately recognizable midrange of the amplifier. And the 1695T is covered in black rhino Tolex that makes it visually stand out from most other tube combo amps on the market today. Needless to say, guitarists at Sweetwater are stoked for this amp!

Supro 1695T Black Magick Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Combo amp that replicates Jimmy Page's famous Supro
  • 25 watts into a custom 12" speaker
  • 2 channels can be run parallel, individually, or with 2 instruments simultaneously
  • Tube tremolo controlled by footswitch (not included)
  • 2 x 6973 power tubes
  • Tech Specs
    • Type: Tube
    • Number of Channels: 2
    • Total Power: 25W
    • Speaker Size: 1 x 12" Custom voiced Supro BD12
    • Preamp Tubes: 4 x 12AX7EH
    • Power Tubes: 2 x 6973
    • Effects: Tube driven tremolo
    • EQ: Channel sharing tone control
    • Inputs: 2 x 1/4"
    • Footswitch I/O: 1 x 1/4" (tremolo)
    • Footswitch Included: No


Serial Number: #001461

Weight: 39.50 lbs.
Due to CITES Treaty for Endangered Wood (Mahogany, Rosewood) We no longer ship out of the USA.

Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. Pristine. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

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