Roland JC-90 Jazz Chorus Amp! 80 Watts w / 2x10 Speakers! Pro Level!


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Roland JC-90 Jazz Chorus Amp!
Lush Stereo Chorus Effects!  Made In USA!
This is really cool. You are looking at a Roland JC-90 Jazz Chorus Amp. This is the "Holy Grail" of Solid State Amps. Known for their Clean Jazz Tone and their Lush Chorus Effects. The JC-90 is the little brother to the JC-120. It is a dual amp design giving you 40 Watts out of each amp for a combined total of 80 Watts.
From The Web:
Equipped with two independently amplified 10-inch speakers, the JC-90 delivers the true stereo chorus sounds and rich reverb that have made Roland Jazz Chorus amplifiers the standard in "clean" amps for almost two decades. This powerful little combo amp outputs 80 watts total (40W + 40W)—perfect for practice, studio work and performance in small- to medium-sized venues—while its compact, 22-kg. design makes transportation easy. Onboard controls include master volume, high treble, treble, mid, bass, reverb and distortion. Control over the rich stereo chorus includes chorus rate, chorus depth and chorus mode (fixed/off/manual).
Designed for professional use, the JC-90 offers both high and low-level front-panel inputs, left and right line outputs, an effects loop send and stereo effects returns. The effects returns are perfect impedance for matching the JC-90 with popular Roland and BOSS guitar processors, allowing flexible tonal and effects control. The JC-90 is further enhanced by chorus, reverb and distortion footswitch jacks and a cabinet-voiced headphone output for late-night practice and recording applications. For the ultimate in portability, this great little amp also features durable construction, sturdy corner protectors and removable casters.
  • Legendary Roland Jazz Chorus Amp design: two independent amplifiers driving two speakers for lush stereo chorus effects
  • 80 watts RMS into two 10-inch speakers (40 watts per side x 2)
  • Chorus effects with rate and depth controls
  • Reverb and distortion controlled via footswitch
  • Four-band EQ
  • Effects loop with stereo send/stereo return
  • Headphone output with speaker cabinet simulator
    If you are looking for an amp that has a great clean tone, and can handle just about any effect you want to throw at it then this is your amp. Easy to unlock a new tone there are thousand of them hidden in there. If you want a hard distortion amp then keep looking but if you want something that can cover a wide range of tones here you go. If your looking for that warm jazz sound without tubes this is it. Sweet and Pretty.


    Serial Number: #ZJ60241

    Weight: 49 lbs.
    Cosmetics: Good Condition. There are some minor scuffs, scratches and minor tears in the Tolex. Grill cloth in great shape. No rips or tears. All lettering legible on the instrument control bezel. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story. 

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    Product Specs

    Condition: Excellent (Used)
    Brand: Roland
    Model: JC 90
    Finish: Black
    Categories: Guitar Combos
    Year: 2000's