Rock & Roll Legends by CVR (Chris Van Redman) KISS 1996 Reunion Tour Original


Top 40 Guitars is proud to announce 

a viewing of up and coming renowned artist

  Chris Van Redman

"Rock & Roll Legends"


Kiss Reunion tour 1996-97 Tiger Stadium

Detroit (Rock City) Michigan

Christopher Van Redman

Art & Design 619.248.8846 


From The Artist:


       One of Rock’s greatest and largest fan base, KISS paved the way for showmanship and in your face, turn the amp to 11 ROCK & ROLL!

       I treated the frame by using paint thinner and wall stripper to remove some of the previous color. I then sanded it and cleaned it with denatured alcohol.  Next I use aerosol primer and a bristled wood sander that accentuates the grain of the wood. Then I used gold antique rub to highlight some of the cornices, allowing the frame to change color depending on the angle you looked at it. Then I use MTN. Gold Series aerosol, using the Cherry red, gold, gloss black, then sanded it, sprayed matte and gradiated gloss for the last coat. Final step for the frame is three coats of poly urethane wood sealer to finish it up.

I used some vintage orchestral music sheet paper and treated it with the bronzed gold dust, copper acrylic paint, water, gloss mediums and then lighter fluid and my mom’s Crème Brule torch. 

        For the matting, I think I painted it seven different ways, experimenting with a variety of reds and effects, but decided towards the end to use a transparent mix of gesso, gloss pearl acrylic white enamel, and use a series of sponges to give it some texture depth and transparency, plus I didn’t want to take away from the actual Poster itself, since it is a piece of art all by itself

  And like the other posters, it was part of a collection of vintage rock poster reproductions from an old friend.


Frame size 34 X 22.5 inch

World wide shipping available. Please email for shipping quote.

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