Red Witch Medusa Chorus and Tremolo Pedal


The Medusa is Back!

The Red Witch Medusa stereo chorus/tremolo pedal is back and better than ever! You'll love the flexible chorus and tremolo settings, but most of all you'll love the unique chorustrem effect. Powerful sound-scultping controls give you complete control of Medusa's sonic manipulations. Control the chorus delay time, depth and speed of the chorus and tremolo, the mix of dry and wet signal, and more. You can even use an expression control pedal to control the speed of your effects. Medusa is most-well known for its unique and innovative chorustrem setting that mixes both effects together. Grab the Red Witch Medusa and add a cool new vibe to your pedalboard.

 Red Witch Medusa Chorus/Tremolo Guitar Pedal at a Glance:
  • Create the chorus and tremolo sounds you want
  • Internal control for additional customization
  • True-bypass design for pure tone
Create the chorus and tremolo sounds you want

Thanks to powerful sound-sculpting controls, you can tweak the Red Witch Medusa to be the pedal of your dreams. The iridescence control allows you to dial up virtually any chorus sound by tweaking the delay time. You'll get everything from sparkling clean to dizzying pitch-bending warble. Once you're happy with the chorus effect, start working on your ideal tremolo sound. Dial in the perfect pulsing sound with the magnitude and velocity controls. After dialing in the separate effects, combine them for a cool and vibey chorustrem effect. The Red Witch Medusa is a stereo modulation pedal like no other.

Internal control for additional customization

Like many Red Witch guitar effects pedals, the Medusa has a hidden secret inside. Pop the case open (it's easy, and encouraged by Red Witch), and there's an internal slide that lets you adjust the input stage of the Medusa. Adjusting this control changes the input stage, giving the Medusa a little pad for hot pickups. It's an innovative way to fine-tune your Red Witch Medusa chorus/tremolo effect to suit whatever style you're going for.

True-bypass design for pure tone

When not in use, the Red Witch Medusa's true bypass design takes it completely out of your signal chain. It doesn't run your signal through the entire pedal, but directly from the input to the output. This keeps your signal pure, and your precious tone unaffected. The Red Witch Medusa is awesome even when it is turned off!

Red Witch Medusa Chorus/Tremolo Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Chorus and tremolo effects in a single pedal
  • Create new chorus/tremolo sounds with the powerful controls
  • Internal control to pad the input of the pedal for hot signals
  • Stereo outputs and expression pedal input
  • True bypass design to keep your signal intact when not in use

Create the chorus and tremolo of your dreams with the Red Witch Medusa!

Tech Specs

Type Chorus/Tremolo
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Expression Pedal
Outputs 2 x 1/4"
Power Supply Included No
Batteries 1 x 9V
Manufacturer Part Number MEDUSA