Red Witch Grace Compressor Lithium Ion Powered Pedal Seven Sisters


Punch it up with this compression pedal Compression is a great addition to just about any guitar rig. There are so many things you can do with a good compressor, and the simple Red Witch Grace Compressor delivers it all. From the mildest bump to the punchiest pluck, you'll get a whole range of great compression tone from your Red Witch Grace Compressor pedal.
Two dials are all you need Red Witch designed Grace to be super easy to use. Even if you know nothing at all about compression, all you need to do is experiment with Grace's two control knobs to hone in on the perfect punch. Between its input gain and compression amount, you'll discover that just about every useful kind of compression is possible with your Red Witch Grace Compressor pedal.
Grace is rechargeable Aside from her size, Grace is also remarkable for her eating habits. By that, of course, we mean power consumption. See, Grace - like all her sisters - is rechargeable. Simply plug her into a regular guitar pedal power supply for four hours and she'll reward you with up to 120 hours of nonstop musical delight. Say goodbye to expensive 9-volts and cumbersome power supplies - it's time to get your hands on a Red Witch's Grace Compressor pedal.
Red Witch Grace Compressor Guitar Pedal Features:
  • Easy to use, musical-sounding, affordable compression pedal
  • Rechargeable - simply connect Grace to a regular guitar pedal power supply
  • Charge for four hours and get up to 120 hours of actual use
  • Lithium Ion cell and internal charging circuitry (just like your cell phone)
  • Compact and pedalboard-friendly (I/O is on the end, for a neat wiring setup)
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • True bypass switching

AC Power Supply Not Included.