Red Witch Eve Tremolo Lithium Ion Powered Pedal


Put Eve in your Guitar Rig

Red Witch's Eve Tremolo Guitar Pedal serves up tasty trem. No, we're not talking about your whammy bar - that's vibrato. Tremolo - that sensuous amplitude pulsing immortalized by the classic blackface amps of the '60s - is an essential guitar effect, and Eve does it right. A member of Red Witch's affordable Seven Sisters family of ultra-compact, rechargeable guitar pedals, Eve's tremolo is delicate, musical and spellbinding. Eve is amazingly easy to live with. Just plug her in for four hours and you'll get up to 120 hours of beautiful tremolo. Two controls - Speed and Depth - are all you need to dial up your perfect trem effect. Red Witch's Eve Tremolo pedal. Check her out.