Peavey VTM 60 Vintage Tube Modified Series 60-Watt Guitar Head!


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Up for Sale is a
Peavey VTM 60!
 Vintage Tube Modified Series 60-Watt Guitar Head! Made In USA!
This is really Cool. You are looking at a Peavey VTM 60. The VTM 60 was the forerunner to the 5150 Series of amps that Eddie Van Halen collaborated on. The VTM 60 is a real sleeper of an amp but in recent years has developed a cult like following. It is one of the final heads in a long series of chains that leads to 5150, however I will argue that Peavey got it right at VTM. The most unique aspect of the head are the dip switches. There are eight switches in all, including: two extra stages of gain, compression circuit, two low end modifications, mid range modification and finally two high end modification switches.
Sound is somewhat similar to a Marshall JCM 800. But, not exactly. It is definitely a High Gain Amp, perfect for Classic Rock and Blues but it really has it's own sound. If you are into Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers, this amp will fit you perfect.  
Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. There are some Minor Tears, Scuffs and Scratches in the Tolex. All lettering is clear and legible. Very Authentic. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story. 

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Product Specs

Condition: Very Good (Used)
Brand: Peavey
Model: VTM 60
Finish: Black
Categories: Guitar Heads
Year: 1990's
Made In: United States