Montgomery Wards/Valco Model 62-9035 Tremolo Vintage 1967!


Vintage 1967 Montgomery Wards/Valco Model 62-9035 Tremolo Reverb Amp!

Ultra Rare Psychedelic Grill Cloth!

This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1967 Montgomery Wards/Valco Model 62-9035 Tremolo Reverb Amp. 5 Watts of pure 6V6 wooly overdrive. This amp screams perfectly at bedroom levels and even a little more. The tremolo is swamp heaven. The reverb is Lush and Full. The Speaker is not original, but it is better. It is a 1958 Utah 12" Speaker. 


Brown and Cream Tolex still looks great and the  original Psychedelic grill cloth is fully intact. The Psychedelic grill cloth really makes this amp stand out. Very Rare. There have been no cosmetic or internal mods to the amp.


Like all Valco made amps of this era, she
  fires right up and generates sweet, round vintage tone. All controls are fully functional.

Awesome Recording Amp. Breaks up early.

Amp Codes:

Power Transformer: #5246625
Reverb Transformer: #5246701
Output Transformer: #5246631
Pots: #1376649
Speaker Code: #328818

Due to CITES Treaty for Endangered Wood (Mahogany, Rosewood) We no longer ship out of the USA.

Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. Keep in mind that this is a 52+ year old vintage amp that has been used. The Chrome Instrument Control Bezel is pitted due to age. The lettering is still legible. You just have to look closely. There are some scuffs, scratches, minor tears and stains in the Tolex. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice amp. Better than normal wear and tear. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Top 40 Guitars is a Veteran Owned Business.

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