Lone Wolf Smooth Trem Boutique Hand Wired TUBE Driven Tremolo Pedal Made in USA!


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Lone Wolf Smooth Trem
Boutique Hand Wired TUBE Driven Tremolo Pedal Made in USA!
My name is Lyle. I've worked in electronics my whole life, I spent over 25 years working for Sears
as an electronics tech fixing everything from TV's to electric ovens. During this time I also played
in a number of local bands here in San Diego. In 2008 I retired from my day job and started a business
repairing vintage amps. Over the following years I got to tinker with and play many cool vintage amps.
In 2017 I started tinkering with making a pedal that used tubes but ran them at real tube voltages.
By 2018 I had created the "Hot Glass" pedal witch was soon followed by the "Smooth Trem"
These are both hand wired creations that use 12AX7 tubes at the voltages used in real tube amps.
The result is tone you just won't get any other way...
Our heavy die cast boxes are powder coated for durability and feature Switchraft jacks,
Mallory caps, porcelain tube sockets and heavy duty switches. Each unit is assembled by hand
using point-to-point construction. This is how they did it in the 50's and 60's and is still the best way.
Every pedal is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase and yes this includes the tube.
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Product Specs

Condition: Brand New (New)
Brand: Lone Wolf Audio
Model: Tremolo
Finish: Blue
Categories: Tremolo
Year: New in Box
Made In: United States