Leslie Pro Line 820 Amplifier with Combo Preamp 3 Pedal!


Leslie Pro Line 820 Amplifier
with Combo Preamp 3 Pedal!

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Nothing, I think, sounds like a genuine, rotating Leslie to deliver that distinctive 3-dimensional sound; I have yet to find a pedal that comes close.   I find that this amp takes pedals well, and have run it with overdrives, delay units, and other modulation effects as well.

The Leslie Pro-Line 820 features a 2-speed rotor (fast/slow/stop), with a 60 to 75 Watt solid state amp, significantly more powerful than the earlier Leslie tube amps. This amp creates its distinctive rotary sound by means of the rotating foam drum under the downward-facing 12" speaker. As the 820 does not have rotating horns, it is not as bright sounding as a 147 for example, however, I find that a Telecaster or a guitar with highs boosted via an EQ pedal or wah will be as bright as you like.  
  • Read more under Development of the Leslie Pro-Line series below. The key point is that the Pro-Line amps were designed to be more powerful than the earlier 40 Watt tube amp Leslies (the iconic 122, 147, etc.), with the 820 as the more usable successor to the earlier 825 'guitar Leslie'.
While the 820 is a great keyboard amp, it is even better as a guitar amp. Includes proper and rare Leslie Combo Preamp III 2-channel pre-amp pedal and 11-pin cable.
  • Note that 11-pin B-3 clones can plug directly into the 820 without using the Control Unit / Pre-amp, but most use these remarkable Leslies for amplifying 'single channel' keyboards or guitars.

Guitarists: I have a strong bias for tube amplifiers, but I find this solid state amp to be really excellent. Using the Combo Preamp, you can feed this Leslie 820 directly from your guitar, from a bank of pedals, or even using the line-out of a guitar amplifier. Of course, keyboardists, can also run pedals, or amp line-out as inputs to this system as well as the 1/4" output of the keyboard.

Leslie Pro-Line 820 Specifications:
  • Power: Solid-state amp, 60 Watts RMS.
  • Connector: Standard 11 pin connector;
  • Channels: one, mono. Note: You can send a mono mix of two instruments via the preamp.
  • Rotor Speeds: 2-speed rotor (fast/slow/stop);
  • Speaker: 12"
  • Dimensions: Height: 31 inches, Width 25 inches, Depth 19 inches;
  • Weight: 122 pounds, approx.
Leslie Combo Pre-amp III Specifications:
  • Inputs: two, standard 1/4" jack
  • Channels: two, each with gain and tone controls. Allows mixing two instruments (guitar and keyboard, for example) for correct balance.
  • Output: mono, via 11-pin connector.

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