Lafayette by Univox U-320 2x12 All Tube Combo Amp! Vintage 1960's!


Vintage 1960's Lafayette U-320!

2x12 All Tube Combo Amp!



This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1960's Lafayette by Univox U-320 2x12 All Tube Combo Amp. Univox was the builder on Lafayette amps. They are virtually a clone of Univox. These amps are real sleepers. They have great Tone. Lafayette was a budget economy amp back in the 1960's, but just like Valco they are appreciated for their Tone.

We have upgraded this amp with 2 Jensen C12R speakers. These speakers provide warm low and mid response with smooth/bright highs. When presented with overdrive distortion, it presents smooth crunch with low-end focus.

If you are after that mid sixties trashy rock tone, this amp will do the trick.

Our Amp Tech just serviced this amp. You won't have to spend any additional monies on it. Gig Ready on Arrival!

Serial Number: #32470

Footswitch NOT Included

Cosmetics: Good Condition. Keep in mind that this is a 55+ year old vintage amp that has been used. There are scuffs, scratches and minor tears in the tolex. Some light scratches on the instrument control bezel. All lettering is legible. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice amp. Better than normal wear and tear. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Top 40 Guitars is a Veteran Owned Business.

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