Kalamazoo Model 2 w / Tremolo! 5 Watt Tube Amp! USA!


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Up for Sale is a
Vintage 1960's Kalamazoo Model 2 Combo Amp!
Guitar, Harp or Recording Amp! Tone Monster! Made In USA!
This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1960's Kalamazoo Model 2 Tube Combo Amp. These amps were made by Gibson's parent company in the mid 60's. It's a class A, 5 watt, hand-wired all tube amp. It has the original alnico magnet 10" CTS speaker.
The amp has had the two prong cord replaced with a grounded 3 prong cord. The amp has a volume, tone (which turns the amp on), and a tremolo.
It sounds great and breaks up nicely without having to rattle the walls. It's a great amp for blues players and for harmonica.  Perfect Bedroom/Recording Amp. This amp sounds great clean and when turned up a bit it breaks up nicely for a crunch blues tone.
 A really great sounding and playing amp. Awesome for guitar and Harp players. Has that "Gritty" kind of tone that comes out of there vintage low wattage amps.
The Speaker is a 10" CTS Alnico. All the main components seem to be original. We replaced the upper back panel.
Affordable American Vintage!


Best of Both Worlds. Player as well as a Collector. The value of these vintage Kalamazoo Amps has been steadily going up. This is an amp you can really use. It is not museum quality but it is in Good Condition. Especially considering this is a 50+ year old vintage amp. You will never loose any money on this amp if you ever decide to sell it and you will probably actually make a profit if you ever let it go. Not too many of these amps out there especially in this condition. Kind of like dirt. They are not making anymore of them.
Rare and Collectable!
Our Amp Tech Serviced this Amp. You will not have to spend any additional monies. Gig Ready on Arrival!

Cosmetics: Good Condition. There is some wear on this amp. The Tolex has scratches, scuffs and minor tears. All metal parts have some pitting and light rust due to age. The lettering is partially worn off. We made some tape labels for Volume, Tremolo and Tone. Grill cloth looks like it has been replaced. A few small frays but not any major rips or tears. Overall, good shape. Very Authentic. The wear is what gives this Magna it's charm. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Product Specs

Condition: Very Good
Make: Kalamazoo
Model: Model Two Amp Black Panel
Finish: Black
Categories: Guitar Combos
Year: 1960's
Made In: United States