Grestch / Valco Model 6155 Electromatic Tweed Combo! Vintage 1954!


Up for Sale is a
1954 Gretsch Model 6155!

10 Watt 1x10 Electromatic All Tube Tweed Combo! Made In USA!

This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1954 Gretsch 10 Watts 1x10 All Tube Combo Amp. This is a 100% all original amp. These amps are a great bargain for those players looking for a boutique-quality, handwired amp without the boutique price. It has a great retro overdrive tone, not dissimilar from a tweed deluxe, and sweet all-tube tremolo. This amp has been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functional
 and sounds great. 

Built by Valco for Gretsch. Awesome Recording amp. At only 10 watts, she breaks up nicely at low volumes. Original Rola Alnico Speaker. Has that classic Retro Lush Tube Sound.

Affordable USA Vintage!  


      Our Amp Tech serviced this amp. He cleaned all pots, jacks and tube sockets. Installed a new power supply filter. Checked the bias on the original RCA Tubes from 1954. Made In USA. Installed a grounded 3-prong ac cord. You won't have to spend any additional monies on this amp. Gig ready on Arrival!

      Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. Keep in mind that this is a 66 year old vintage amp that has been used. There are some minor tears in the Tweed mainly on the corners
      and the edges.
      The grill cloth is in great shape. No rips or tears. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice amp. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

      Top 40 Guitars is a Veteran Owned Business.

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