Gallien-Krueger 250ML Series II "Lunchbox" Guitar Amplifier L@@K!


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Up for Sale is
Gallien-Krueger 250ML Series II
"Lunchbox" Guitar Amplifier!
I remember the first time I ever heard one...
It was a hot summer day back in 1984. There was this hot new guitar that went to a rival high school
across town, His name was Jayson. My Girlfriend who went to the same school told me about this young man
and he was looking to join a band. My band was established but we had an opening for a
second guitar player as someone in the band had just quit. I decided to go pay him a visit.
I took the ride across town to Jayson's house.  When I stepped inside I noticed him playing through
this tiny little amp (G-K 250ML). He had it hooked up to a 2X12. The sound filled the whole room!
I could not believe what I was herring. Stereo amps were a new concept at that time and this thing
Needless to say Jason became the newest member of the band...
This amp rocks!
Buy it NOW!

Product Specs

Condition: Very Good
Make: Gallien-Krueger
Model: 250ML
Finish: Black
Categories: Bass Heads
Year: 1980's
Made In: United States