G&L Invader XL Hardtail USA Electric Guitar! Vintage White Finish!

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G&L Invader XL Hardtail USA Electric Guitar!

Vintage White Finish! Made In USA!

This is really cool. You are looking at a G&L Invader XL Hardtail. Beautiful Vintage White Finish. Here is a unique model from the archives of G&L. The Invade XL Standard was made from 2005-2008 as a no-frills alternative to their popular "shredder" model. It features a sleek contoured body, two G&L wound humbuckers (back when they were primarily using SD) and the rock-solid Saddle Lock bridge. Wrapped up in the Vintage White finish this guitar is a worldly collision of rock n' roll styling and bolt-on precision.

This Invader XL Standard features:

  • Vintage White finish on Mahogany Body
  • G&L 'Classic C' Neck, 12" Radius, 1-5/8" nut
  • Light tint satin neck with Rosewood fingerboard
  • Saddle Lock Bridge
  • Sperzel USA Tuners
  • G&L AS4250Z Neck Humbucker
  • G&L AW4370Z Bridge Humbucker
  • 3-way pickup switch
  • Volume and Tone controls
  • Includes G&L hard/soft hybrid case

The Invader XL Standard was a special run of guitars that were meant to combine the modern Invader style with simpler layout and classic G&L features. The XL trades the bulky Floy Rose Trem for the Saddle Lock Bridge and also featured G&L house-wound humbuckers. The pickup names at G&L are codes for their windings so here's the breakdown:

AS4250Z Neck position humbucker - The neck pickup is an Alnico V humbucker wound 5000 turns with 42 gauge wire. With a resistance of approximately 8.3k it is quite warm with hefty mids and rounded treble. The Z stands for the black/white zebra color scheme.

AW4370Z Bridge position humbucker - The bridge pickup is also Alnico V and wound 7000 times with thinner 43 gauge wire. This gives it a pretty spicy output of 13.4k. While that's not in the range of say a JB, it has plenty of bark and bite.

This guitar also features the original "standard" Classic C neck profile. It's is a little thicker than the typical American Fender neck, but the additional fullness feels good and will work for all but those with very small hands. G&L makes 10 different neck profiles but their #1 neck was the mainstay for years and a good fit for most players. The modern 12" radius fingerboard with medium jumbo frets are a well suited for modern playing styles, and more amenable to bends and soloing than a vintage-correct tighter radius board with narrow frets.

Over the years G&L has put out countless special run models and sometimes they get forgotten with time. This Invader XL is a beast that offers a powerful rock and roll voice, modern styling and simple functionality, all with the world-class G&L craftsmanship. It's a rare and enjoyable find.

Made In USA on Fender Ave in Fullerton, CA. USA

Our luthier did a complete setup. Brand new strings were installed. Gig ready on Arrival!

Nut Width: 1.65"

Serial Number: #CLF38574

Weight: 7.35 lbs.

Complete Package with Fender Hard Shell Case Included!

Due to CITES Treaty for Endangered Wood (Mahogany, Rosewood) We no longer ship out of the USA.

Cosmetics: Good Condition. The only reason that I did not rate this guitar as "Excellent" is because of 2 issues. Issue 1: There is a crack in the finish just underneath the tone knob. It is not loose. When you push on it with your finger it does not move. Cosmetic only. NOT Structural. (See picture #7). Issue 2: Chip in upper bout. There is a chip in the finish down to bare wood. Approximately 1 inch in length by 1/4 inch width. It is on the outside edge of the bout, also a chip in the edge directly next to it and a smaller chip on the inside. Your arm will cover this up when you are playing. (See picture #8). Other than those 2 minor issues, the Invader is Mint! Fender Hard Shell Case has a few scuffs and scratches. All latches work. Pristine. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice guitar. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

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