Danelectro '59M NOS+ Baby Come Back Blue Finish NAMM Display Model


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Up for Sale is a
2018 Danelectro '59M NOS+!
 Baby Come Back Blue Finish w / White Pickguard!


2018 NAMM Show Display Model!

Top 40 Guitars a factory authorized Danelectro dealer, purchased the display models from the 2018 NAMM Music Trade Show held in Anaheim, CA. USA. These were models hanging on the wall of their display for the 4-day show from January 25-28, 2018. Some of these guitars may have been played and handled during the event. I am selling these as used guitars. They have never been sold, just been on display at the show. They still have the Factory Warranty from Danelectro. We were able to make a below market purchase on these guitars and we are passing the savings on to you! Not a Second or Refurbished guitar. A brand New guitar that was just on display.


This is really cool. You are looking at a 2018 Danelectro '59M NOS+. Beautiful Baby Come Back Blue Finish with White Pickguard. Stunning!
Danelectro’s most famous guitar, now with NOS+ pickups! A new pickup which retains the character of the original NOS pickups but with better highs, punchier mids, and solid lows. A must have for any player serious about tone.
  • Shorthorn shape
  • Scale length: 25″
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Fully adjustable wraparound bridge
  • 2 NOS+ lipstick pickups
  • 2 stacked tone & volume controls
  • 3 way pickup selector
The combination of a light Masonite body and lipstick pickups always gives Danelectro guitars a great snap and pop with a hint of depth and resonance. Has that “Dano Sound” whether ran clean, dirty with amp overdrive, or wildly saturated using a pedal. The tight, articulate tones produced by all three pickup selections can cut through just about any band mix without being overly bright or too thin. But there’s enough roundness and warmth for classic-rock stylings and “faux-jazzbo” moments. Modern intonatable bridges
But it’s sparkly-clean for wiry funk, snappy for country twang with dialed-back treble, and razor-sharp with fuzz. The mid position is clear and lush for clean chords, nasty for overdriven slide, and sinewy for Blues-flavored runs.
 The NOS stands for New Old Stock. The + stands for a more improved pickup with more Twang, Crunch and all over more power. The NOS started up about 4 years ago when Danelectro "Discovered" some missing Lipstick pickups from 1999. The + is the new and improved version of the same Lipstick pickups.
Retro-licious! Unique tones. Good playability
Nut Width: 1.65"
Weight: 6.15 lbs.
  Case is NOT Included
Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. I don't think this D59M NOS+ was ever taken off the display wall at NAMM. You have to look real hard to find any flaws. ( I can't find Any). If you are the personality type that picks everything apart, just buy something new. Somehow you won't be satisfied. For everyone else, you'll love this AXE. Pristine. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story. 

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Product Specs

Condition: Mint (Used)
Brand: Danelectro
Model: 59M NOS+
Finish: Blue
Categories: Solid Body
Year: 2018
Made In: Korea, Republic of

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