Boss Dr. Rhythm Section DR-5 Power supply included - NICE!


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Boss Dr. Rhythm Section DR-5 Power supply included - NICE!
Product Description The Boss DR-Series Dr. Rhythm machines were an instant hit with their compact design, superb sound quality, and operational ease. The DR5 Dr. Rhythm Section expands on the concept, offering not only drum and percussion sounds, but a full range of instrument sounds that let you create complete back-up arrangements.

The DR5 is much more than a drum machine - it's a full-fledged rhythm section, practice studio, and recording scratchpad all in one. Guitarists will feel right at home with the DR5, thanks to an ingenious fretboard-style interface that makes programming as easy as playing a simple scale. And all musicians will appreciate how easy it is to create instant arrangements with the DR5.

The DR5 is the perfect musical companion for guitarists, keyboardists, DJs, or rappers. And it's compact so you can take it anywhere - from parties to jam sessions to live gigs.

Packed with High-Quality Sounds
The DR5 contains a huge selection of amazing sounds. In total, 256 sounds are provided - all with the pro sound quality and versatility you've come to expect from Boss.

Drum and Percussion Sounds
Like the famous Boss Dr. Rhythm, the DR5 contains a full selection of hard-hitting drum and percussion sounds, including 32 kick drums, 40 snares, Latin percussion sounds, and sound effects. A total of 174 rhythm sounds are included, from rock drums and jazz brushes to classic TR-808/909 and house sounds. The wide selection of authentic sounds gives you the power to build rhythm tracks in virtually any musical genre from rap to jazz, rock to pop.

Guitar, Bass, and Other Instrument Sounds
In addition to great percussion sounds, the DR5 has a large selection of built-in instrument sounds for complete, multi-instrument arrangements. A total of 23 guitar sounds are provided, including Nylon String and Steel String acoustics, clean, and overdrive electrics - a full range of textures to suit any style of music.

The DR5's bass guitar sounds are equally versatile, with everything from Picked Bass to Slap Bass to Fretless. In all, 16 different bass guitar sounds are provided. The extensive variety of these guitar and bass sounds gives you a ton of room for creative expression when building backup arrangements. In addition to guitar and bass, you can round out your arrangements with 43 instrument sounds. A wide selection of sounds are available, from acoustic instruments such as piano, strings, and brass, to thick synthesizer textures.

Kits Put it all Together
The DR5 Kits let you form an instant band for any style of music. A Kit includes 30 rhythm sounds and three instrument sounds that are configured to fit the style you want to play in. In addition to 48 preset Kits, you can store up to 16 of your own custom configured Kits which can be called up instantly during practice or performance.

A Musical Way to Program
Recording data on the DR5 is done in such a natural way; it's hard to call it "programming." Innovative input methods make it simple for guitarists to input data, and all musicians will appreciate the DR5's straightforward operations.

Built-in 4-Track Sequencer
The DR5's built-in sequencer has four tracks that make recording a snap. The first track operates like a drum machine, letting you loop drum patterns and string them together. You can then record instruments on the other 3 tracks; for instance, a guitar on track 2, bass on track 3, and piano on track 4. The DR5's 4-track capability is like having a 4-piece band at your disposal whenever you want to try out song idea or give an impromptu performance.

In addition to realtime recording, the DR5 has a step recording function that allows you to input notes one at a time and set parameters for each note. This feature is useful when you want input notes with precise accuracy.

Preset Patterns Give You Instant Accompaniment
If you have a riff in your head that you want to try out with a rhythm track, just select one of the DR5's preset backing patterns. A total of 200 preset patterns are provided, complete with fills and variations, covering a variety of genres from rock to funk to Latin. You can also use a backing pattern as a starting point, and then alter it to make your own pattern. Up to 200 of these edited patterns along with patterns you create from scratch can be stored in memory for instant recall.

Fretboard-Style Interface
Leave it to Boss to design the perfect input method for guitarists! The DR5's 36 input pads are configured in a fretboard-style layout, letting you input the notes of the DR5's instrument sounds using guitar-style fingerings. An accent key allows you to input up to 4 levels of dynamics to add feel to instrument parts.

Instant Chord Input
A convenient Chord Macro function allows you to input a chord by specifying the root note and chord type. This can be a useful composing tool for pros and a great learning aid for beginners. The guitar fingering of the chord you select appears on the display, allowing the DR5 to function as an electronic chord book - a great way to expand your chord repertoire.

External Pitch Function
The DR5 makes it easy to input bass lines or single note riffs. Just connect your guitar to the Guitar In and play. The External Pitch function tracks your performance and triggers any instrument sound you choose. You can even use the DR5 as a simple guitar synthesizer. For instance, you could play a flute solo or string accompaniment right from your guitar in real time - no need for a special MIDI interface.

MIDI Input
Although the DR5 offers many special features for guitarists, there's no reason for keyboardists other MIDI musicians to feel left out. The MIDI IN of the DR5 gives any player access to the high-quality sounds and performance features of the DR5.

Easy Song Creation
Patterns you create in the DR5's pattern mode can easily be assembled into songs. Up to 20 songs can be stored in internal memory and each song can consist of up to 250 patterns. Longer songs can be created by combining 2 or more songs using the Song Chain function. Song Chain is also ideal for live performance. You can create set lists of songs that play in any order you want.

Patterns and Songs that you create can be stored to external devices such as sequencers using MIDI Bulk Dump. This not only allows you to back up your data, but also gives you unlimited potential for creating new Patterns and Songs.

Real-Time Features for Live Performance
In addition to being a great practice and composing tool, the DR5 rises to the occasion in any performance situation. A variety of realtime features give you complete control while leaving plenty of room for improvisation.

Specified Pattern Change Function
Sometimes you don't want to be locked into a preprogrammed song arrangement, especially when jamming or playing live. The DR5 has a Specific Pattern Change function that keeps the spontaneity alive. Using this function you can switch between patterns in real time, add fills, and extend the song for as long as you like.

Assignable Footswitch Jack
Connecting a footswitch such as the Boss FS5L makes it easy to use the DR5 in live performance. Up to 2 footswitches can be connected to the assignable footswitch jack (using the PCS31 (Connection Cable), letting you control start/stop, change, and SPC (Specified Pattern Change) in real time.

Built-in Amp Simulator
The DR5's built-in amp simulator enables you to plug in your guitar and wail away, while the DR5 rhythm section is cooking in the background. Since everything is plugged into one unit, you don't need an amp or mixer to practice or record. A headphone jack lets you practice and compose without waking the neighbors.

Built-in Tuner
Rounding out the DR5's self-contained design is built-in guitar tuner that provides a convenient way to tune up without hooking up additional units.

Lightweight, Portable Design
For all its sounds and capabilities, the DR5 is amazingly compact and lightweight. The battery-operated design means you can take it anywhere to parks, the beach - even on plane flights. An optional AC adapter is also available for conserving battery power.
Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. A few light scuffs and scratches. Normal wear and tear. It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Product Specs

Condition: Excellent
Make: Boss
Model: DR-5
Finish: Grey
Categories: Drum Machines and Samplers
Year: ?
Made In: Japan