Airline by Kay Bighorn Electric Guitar! Tobacco Sunburst Vintage 1966


Vintage 1966 Airline by Kay Bighorn Electric Guitar!

Sunburst Finish! Made In USA!


This is really cool. You are looking at a Vintage 1966 Airline by Kay, Bighorn Electric Guitar. Very Rare Model. The Bighorn was only built for 2 years. 1965-1966. This is the "Hatchet Headstock" model that was only available in 1966. Kay of Chicago, built these guitars for all the major department stores. Airline was the Montgomery Ward model while Silvertone was the Sears model. At that time, the Bighorn was considered to be a student level guitar. Now, nearly 50+ years later they have become collectable and are used by some pro level players such as Jack White and St Vincent use these Airline and Kay guitars in their performances.
The tone is pure early Rock & Roll jangle from the pair of stock Kay "pancake" pickups, with balanced and strong output from both single coils and plenty of twang on tap. These glassy, cutting single coils have great top end and a percussive, clear quality. The guitar weighs 5 1/2lbs and has been professionally setup with 10-46 strings and comfortable action.

The neck has a big and chunky baseball bat C shaped profile with a hint of a very soft V and consistent depth as you travel up the neck. The Brazilian rosewood fretboard features stock medium jumbo brass frets which show virtually no wear, and the guitar plays well in all registers with the deep treble side body cutaway allowing for easy access to the highest frets. The nut measures 1 5/8" in width. The simple and utilitarian headstock shape features a flawless Airline silkscreen logo and original open gear strip tuners which turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should.

All of the stock hardware is accounted for including the Brazilian rosewood bridge, chrome painted mini "V" and "T" topped Volume and Tone knobs. The only thing missing, is the bridge cover.
Nut Width: 1 5/8"

Our luthier did a complete setup. Brand new strings were installed. Gig ready on Arrival!

Due to CITES Treaty for Endangered Wood (Mahogany, Rosewood) We no longer ship out of the USA.

Cosmetics: Good "Relic" Condition. Keep in mind that this is a 55+ year old vintage guitar that has been used. There are scuffs, scratches, chips, dings and dents on both sides of the body. Some light picking/strumming scratches on the pickguard. There are 2 screw holes from where the bridge cover was held in place. Bridge cover is missing. Neck, Fingerboard and Headstock in great shape. Very Authentic. The wear is what gives this Bighorn it's charm. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice guitar. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Top 40 Guitars is a Veteran Owned Business.

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