2018 Hagstrom Viking Baritone Electric Guitar NAMM Show Display Model


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Up for Sale is a
2018 Hagstrom Deluxe Viking Baritone!
 Tobacco Sunburst Finish!

2018 NAMM Show Display Model!

Top 40 Guitars a factory authorized Hagstrom dealer, purchased the display models from the 2018 NAMM Music Trade Show held in Anaheim, CA. USA. These were models hanging on the wall of their display for the 4-day show from January 25-28, 2018. Some of these guitars may have been played and handled during the event. Some were never even touched. I am selling these as used guitars. They have never been sold, just been on display at the show. They still have the Factory Warranty from Hagstrom. Ships in the Original Box. We were able to make a below market purchase on these guitars and we are passing the savings on to you! Not a Second or Refurbished guitar. A brand New guitar that was just on display for 4-days and than sent to Top 40 Guitars!



This is really cool. You are looking at a 2018 Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone Electric Guitar. This is a Semi-Hollow Body guitar. Plays and Sounds Great!
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Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Baritone

Hagstrom’s Viking is established as the most versatile semi-hollow guitar on the market today, delivering a wide variety of tonal color to an incredible diversity of musical styles. A natural step for us was to extend the Viking’s voice to a deep, resonant baritone. Many guitarists consider a baritone instrument to be somewhat limited and narrow in its application, but Hagstrom’s Viking Baritone shatters this stereotype. Two entirely new Hagstrom pickups were developed specifically for the Viking Baritone’s rich acoustics, adding shading and enhancement to deliver a broad spectrum of sonic colorings. In the bridge position we find Hagstrom’s new Custom 58’C, a semi-open-coiled humbucker voiced to enhance the ringing clarity native to the Viking, even in its lowest sub-registers. Sitting in the neck position is Hagstrom’s new P-Urified pickup, a specially designed full-humbucking-sized P90 pickup, adding warmth and openness while keeping lower frequencies tight and controlled. The result is a tonal continuum from clean and classic 1960’s sounds, to “Spaghetti Western” twang, through the overdriven crunch of the 1970’s and 1980’s and on to the “Über-Driven” tones demanded by today’s players. All of these sounds are built on top of the Viking Baritone’s gorgeously deep, distinctive acoustic voice.

 Like a Gibson ES-335, the Viking features two larger hollow wings around a solid center block. Because of this design, you end up with some of the tonal characteristics of a big jazz box guitar (smooth-yet-ample bass, bell-like mid tones, mellow highs) and the attack and sustain of solid body guitar. The presence of the center block also means you can increase the distortion and the volume without worrying about feedback.

The clean tones from the Viking Baritone are among the best you will hear from a production model baritone. The folks at Hagstrom have gifted the world with a full-bodied baritone that can produce deep and smooth jazz lines, snappy vintage colors, and arpeggios and finger picking tones that will have you closing your eyes and soaking in the music. The Viking’s clean tones are especially exquisite when the neck position P-90 is engaged.

Surprisingly, the Viking can also deliver a lot of distortion-soaked crunch and still a render clear, articulate, and musical tones. This is most likely the result of the Vikings’ combination of pickups (a Hagstrom designed humbucker at the bridge and a P-90 at the neck) and Hagstrom’s novel choice to build the Viking Baritone mostly out of maple, a tone wood known for sharper attack and greater high end response.

Body: Semi-Hollow Contoured Ply Flamed Maple
Neck: Canadian Hard Maple, set
Fingerboard: Resinator Fretboard with Hagstrom Pearl Block Position Marks
Fretboard Radius: 12
Trussrod: H-Expander
Tuning Keys: Hagstrom 18:1 Die Cast
Scale Length: 28"
Pickups: Custom 58'C Bridge
Pickup Selector: 3-Way Toggle Switch
Bridge: Long Travel Tune-O-Matic w/ Hagstrom Stop Tail
Controls: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone
String Setup: 13-62 - .013, .017, .026, .036, .046, .062
Case sold separately





Product Specs

Condition: Mint (Used)
Brand: Hagstrom
Model: Viking Baritone
Finish: Sunburst
Categories: Semi-Hollow
Year: 2018






















































































































































































































Our luthier did a complete setup. Frets are in great shape. Neck is Straight. Brand new strings were installed. Gig ready on Arrival!
Nut Width: 1.69"
Weight: 7.90 lbs.
 Case is NOT Included
Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. I cannot find a scratch or a flaw anywhere. Pristine. Dripping with "Mojo" It is used. Not perfect. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story. 

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