2018 EVH Wolfgang Special HT! Hard Tail! Gloss Black Finish! Minty!


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Up for Sale is a
2018 EVH Wolfgang Special HT!
Hard Tail! Made In Mexico!
This is really cool. You are looking at a 2018 EVH Wolfgang Special HT. Awesome Playing and Sounding Guitar. Beautiful Black Finish.
Play the Same Guitar Used by a Fretboard Legend

The EVH Wolfgang Special HT solidbody electric guitar is built to deliver the goods on any stage; that should come as no surprise, given that the man behind this impressive axe not only designed it - he put it through its paces! Built to Van Halen's exact specifications, the Wolfgang Special HT gives you absolutely awesome tone, practical playability and comfort, and the kind of stunning looks you'd expect from a world-class guitar. From its high-quality pickups, hardware, and controls to its gorgeous, top-notch tonewoods, the Wolfgang Special HT is made to rock in style!



EVH Wolfgang Special HT Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • A complete and total shred machine
  • Quartersawn neck for stability and playability
  • Fixed bridge design for stability and tone
A complete and total shred machine

From its basswood body and eye-catching veneer maple top to its quartersawn maple neck and beautiful maple fingerboard, the EVH Wolfgang Special HT just screams quality - and that's just the tonewoods! This gorgeous guitar is made for serious playing, with a compound-radius fingerboard (12-16") for chording to shredding comfort, a fixed bridge, and hard-mounted EVH humbuckers. The controls are top-notch, too: you get a handy 3-way pickup selector switch and Bourns low-friction volume and tone pots for total control over your tone and volume. All the components come together to make a guitar that looks absolutely stunning and plays even better.

Quartersawn neck for stability and playability

The neck is one of the most important aspects of any instrument, which is why the EVH Wolfgang Special HT features a quartersawn maple neck. Besides looking good, the straight grain of quartersawn necks is about 50% more stable than plain-sawn necks, and less likely to warp, twist or shrink. You'll also love the playability and feel of the compound radius fretboard on the Wolfgang Special HT. The fretboard radius goes from 12" at the nut to a comfortable and flat 16" radius on the upper frets.

Fixed bridge design for stability and tone

The HT in Wolfgang Special HT stands for hard tail. There's no tremolo here just a solid fixed bridge. The TonePros bridge offers extreme tuning stability and excellent tonal transfer. You won't have to worry about going out of tune like you can with a tremolo. The tailpiece features fine tuners so you can make sure your tuning is dead on.

EVH Wolfgang Special HT Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • A shred machine designed by rock legend Eddie Van Halen
  • High-end tonewoods and hardware
  • Fixed bridge design for tuning stability and tonal transfer
  • Custom humbuckers built to EVH's specs



Our luthier did a complete setup. Brand new strings were installed. Gig ready on Arrival!
Nut Width: 1.62"
Weight: 7.95 lbs.
Case is NOT Included!
Due to CITES Treaty for Endangered Wood (Mahogany, Rosewood) We no longer ship out of the USA. 
Cosmetics: Excellent Condition. Pristine. Dripping with "Mojo". It is used. Not perfect. Overall, a really nice guitar. Look at the pictures closely. They will tell the story.

Top 40 guitars is a Veteran owned business.

Product Specs

Condition: Mint (Used)
Brand: EVH
Model: EVH Wolfgang Special
Finish: Black
Categories: Solid Body
Year: 2018
Made In: Mexico

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